Goode Specialties

Kansas City Farmer’s Market

Goode Acres is a natural grower committed to providing the freshest possible produce to the Kansas City community.

Every Saturday through the growing season, Goode Acres’ fine produce is available at the The City Market - Farmer's Market (spaces 6, 7, and 8).

MAP to KC City Market

St. Joe Farmer’s Market

Through the growing season, Goode Acres is a key grower of “The Gathering”, a sustainable farmer's market in downtown St. Joe. We combine efforts with nine additional growers to offer seasonal selections.

Open every Saturday 7-1 pm through 10-31-15. Located at 7th and Felix, St. Joseph, MO in Coleman Hawkins Park. MAP

Goode Food Delivered

Goode Acre’s retail storefront is a half block away and is open three days a week:
Thursday: 10-3 pm
Friday: 3-7 pm
Saturday: 8-12 pm

801 Francis Street, St. Joseph, MO MAP

Restaurant Deliveries

Goode Acres offers Tuesday and Wednesday restaurant delivery services in both the Kansas City and St. Joe areas.

Call 816-390-4602 to schedule.